GTA Online Funny Moments: June 2016 vol. 2

GTA 5 Funny moments
We haven't released compilations of funny moments from GTA Online for a long time, so this month decided to make two!

Community GTA Online isn't sitting idly by, it's quite busy creating tons and tons of high-quality content, the best of which we are glad to present you here in our article. Lets begin our carnival of the funniest moments from GTA Online!

Short but utterly beautiful and stylish mini-movie showing the gameplay of GTA Online in all its glory. The author of this masterpiece would get some kind of a prize!

Recently added to GTA Online, the Tug is an absolutely unique vehicle. Not only for this is the largest controlled water vehicle (and one of the largest among all the GTA 5 vehicles), and can carry a virtually unlimited number of passengers (as many as will fit on the deck), it also has a very realistic physical model. This video shows this clearly.

Look at the great battle between two sailing vessels directly under the hot sky of Los Santos. The ships are literally sailing, the teams are brave and ready to fight, only their use flares instead of guns. Apparently, in order not to damage the props.

A brand new unique method of air drop on the boats was demonstrated by GTA Online players. To complicate the task even more their use a tiny pool of one of the mansions in Rockford hills as a traget.

Nothing unussial, you would say after watching this fragment. Just a boring day for a bodyguard. But just look how beautiful this guy gets killed!

Whatever advantages the GTA 5 physics engine has, sometimes its work is more reminiscent of the old disney cartoons. This moment is a perfect example.

Fantastically beautiful and breathtaking flight of squadron of heavy transport aircraft, which is really need some Wagner's music in the background.

Perhaps, everyone who has played through the GTA 5 single player story has an idea about the musical tastes of Trevor Phillips. Now let's see what he can do, if he take up a guitar!

Some guys are so cool that they even don't need a parachute, because in addition to balls of steel, they have a tailbone of steel, which copes with compensation of kinetic energy during the fall.

If you also have some really cool moments captured, be sure to share them with other users of the site in the comments below. But if you have no way to record video, for example, because your GTA 5 does not run on Windows 10, a special article on our website will definitely help you!

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2016-06-27 09:01:58

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