New supercar and Independence Day's event

New Pfister 811 supercar and Independence Day event in GTA Online
Rokstar Games continue to entertain us, releasing another pack of new content for GTA Online. This time there is a brand new supercar Pfister 811, amd the traditional weekly event in honour of the Independence Day.

Pfister 811 is the latest update to the Legendary Motorsport collection this season. This beautiful and powerful supercar is the first car by Pfister in this class, but this ride has the guts to compete with such monsters as Zentorno or Adder. To celebrate the emergence of a new supercar in GTA Online, Rokstar Games are launching another weekly event!

Double$ and RP street racing playlist

This playlist will only be available for two days starting June 28 - June 30, so hurry up to take this advantage and test your new Pfister 811 in a series of breathtaking street races such as "Senora Freeway", the "Arms Race" and "Business trip". All this, of course, with a double reward!

40% discount on Limo Turreted and Karin Technical

Looking for a convenient compromise between comfort and status of a limousine and protection and practicality of an armored vehicle? With Turreted Limo you will not need to find any compromise! But if you are looking for something a little less flashy, but no less functional, and like nothing else suitable for violent skirmishes on the highway, then stop your choice on the Karin Technical! Both these cars are armed with powerful machine guns and both you can buy with 40% discount this week!

40% discount on all masks

Stop by the Vespucci Movie Masks to choose a suitable disguise for the next Heist with 40% discount!

50% discount on Bull Shark Testosterone

Call up the famous Alpha and get his "supplement" with 50% discount!

Independence Day in GTA Online
Beginning July 1 in GTA Online starts the Independence Day celebrations, which will be accompanied by the dominance of rednecks, monster trucks and motocross bikes, a stunning cannonade of fireworks and of course  discounts, double GTA$ and RP and more!

Independence Day Playlist

From 1 July until 4 July, get ready for a new up-to-8-player Playlist which includes "Road Tripping" TDM, "Across the Wilderness" race (Liberator monster trucks only) and "Tour the Lake" race (only on Sovereign motorcycles).

All content of the Independence Day Special update will reappear in GTA Online this Friday 1 July and will remain in the game until July 11. And, in addition, don't froget about a 25% discount on the following products:

  • Liberator monster truck.
  • Sovereign Motorcycle.
  • Firework Rocket Launcher and ammo for it.
  • Independence Day Special patriotic clothes, including hats, T-shirts and more.
Stay tuned for other news and articles on our website, such as, for example, Radio in GTA 5 where you will find all the music from the game.

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2016-06-28 10:57:16

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