Fan-art Gallery: June 2016

GTA Online Fan-art Gallery
With all the latest news, updates, new cars and other things we didn't have time to share with you a fresh work of GTA Online artists community. But don't worry, the new issue of our Fan-art Gallery is finally here!

Today there will be not only art-works, but also other kinds of creative, created by the hands of GTA Online players. Without wasting time on excessive presentation lets move on to our first guest:

GTA V Michael's Mansion by Arianm007

GTA V Michael's Mansion by Arianm007 - facade view GTA V Michael's Mansion by Arianm007 - top view
Using the logo of GTA 5 as a base, UK artist Arianm007 has recreated a gorgeous copy of the Michael's Rockford Hills mansion. This diorama with the highest precision reproduces all details of the building: from ivy-covered walls to shingles on the roof.

Merryweather Security App by Jed Empleo

Merryweather Security App by Jed Empleo - logo Merryweather Security App by Jed Empleo - menu
Graphic designer Jed Empleo created this exact copy of the Merryweather Security services app in real life. In addition to a stylish and authentic design, this application supports Touch ID identification and GPS. Now the mercenaries from Merriwether will always be at hand, of course, if you have enough money to pay for their services.

Jack Marley by JackkAndWhite

Jack Marley by JackkAndWhite
Famous cosplayer JackkAndWhite turned himself into an exact copy of his GTA Online character. JackkAndWhite himself describes his alter ego as "a well dressed, hypersexual, pansexual, bipolar, slightly cannibalistic, sadistic crime lord". Whatever that means, in appearance of this man we can surely say that the description is quite true.

GTA Portraits by Grobi-Grafik

GTA Portraits by Grobi-Grafik №1 GTA Portraits by Grobi-Grafik №2
GTA Portraits by Grobi-Grafik №3 GTA Portraits by Grobi-Grafik №4
Did you miss the great works by Grobi-Grafik? We did. So today they are four of them! And, Yes, again, it's the portraits of GTA Online characters. Meet two fascinating portrait of a beautiful female character and two harsh road warriors who clearly have a story to tell.

T by MrBananaSandwich

T by MrBananaSandwich
Accompanied by his faithful Bodhi with Mr. Raspberry Jam and his beloved Jerry Can this drawn Trevor, authored by MrBananaSandwich, is obviously up to no good.

Trevor's Rage by VamkireTrannel

Trevor's Rage by VamkireTrannel
Filipino artist VamkireTrannel make this sketch of Trevor Phillips with his signature gloomy-sadistic expression. Creepy! Black-and-white design only adds to this effect.

T with Mr. Raspberry Jam by Evilunicorn97

T with Mr. Raspberry Jam by Evilunicorn97
The famous dolls creator Evilunicorn97 used their skills to create a miniature copy of Trevor Phillips along with his Mr Raspberry Jam.

Trevor Philips by Maxim Lisovki

Trevor Philips from Maxim Lisovki
Belarusian artist Maxim Lisovki make a dynamic portrait of Trevor reminiscent of Battlefield 4. Very appropriate image for this character.

GTA Style by Yaroslav Samoylenko

GTA Style from Yaroslav Samoylenko
Ukrainian graphic designer Yaroslav Samoylenko used his mastery of Photoshop to bring us this mesmerizing tattooed girl from Los Santos, posing somewhere on Vinewood Boulevard.

Hope you enjoyed the new work of the GTA Online creative community! On our site there is a lot of interesting things, for example the article about Radio in GTA 5 where you will find all the music from your favorite game.

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