Cunning Stunts update

Update Cunning Stunts
Be bold, defy gravity and defeat all your fears with the new GTA Online update Cunning Stunts.

Update GTA Online Cunning Stunts is a completely new idea of what race should looks like in the game. In the sky high above the city lie a huge intricate race tracks. On these crazy tracks you have to show what you are capable of, going through loops, huge pipes, jumps with boosters and many more.

Heavenly spin in GTA Online
All the tracks are designed to best match the characteristics of each cars class, including new supercars, sportcars and motorcycles. Also the developers didn't forget about the drivers who have to match their cars and their deadly stunts. Get ready to see Los Santos from a completely unexpected angle!

The race is on in GTA Online
The Cunning Stunts update adds 16 new stunt races, which include many different options of complex tracks with all those trails, twists and turns high in the sky, between the tops of city skyscrapers, ans complex, demanding true mastery courses through canyons, over water and in the desert.

Stuntman and her car in GTA Online
You have never seen such before! The new tracks are woven into a dense tangle high above the ground equiped with turbo-boosted ramps and corkscrews, hanging miles above the earth. Also there are giant bowling pins and rings of fire.

Stunt races

The start is coming in GTA Online
The race will pass through the unique locations of Southern San Andreas, at breathtaking altitude, with incredible speed and with a thundering kaleidoscope of fireworks, lights, sounds, dizzying dead loops, turns and jumps. At the moment there are 16 stunt races: Canyon Crossing, City Air, Downtown Loop, Duel, East Coast, Maze Bank Ascent, Nightlife, Over and Under, Plummet, Racing Alley, Rally, Splits, Threading the Needle, Trench I, Turbine, Vinewood Downhill.

Sky bikers GTA Online
To participate in stunt races, along with other adrenaline addicts, look for the pink tags, scattered throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. You will only need to step to the mark and you will be sent straight to a stunt race.

New vehicles, clothing, etc.

Highway to Heaven in GTA Online
With the advent of a new racing era in Los Santos, you will need a lot of horsepower if you don't want to fall behind. Fortunately 13 new suitable vehicles are already available in GTA Online. Avant-garde style of RE-7B or maximum brutality of Vapid Trophy Truck? Choose at your own discretion, this new pack for GTA Online will easily satisfy even the most demanding taste!

Way down in GTA Online
The list of new vehicles includes:

  • Supercars: Super: Annis RE-7B, Emperor ETR1, Progen Tyrus.
  • Sports cars: Lampadati Tropos Rallye, Obey Omnis.
  • Compact: Grotti Brioso R/A.
  • SUVs: Desert Raid Vapid, Vapid Trophy Truck.
  • Motorcyle: Nagasaki BF400, Western Gargoyle.
  • Muscle: Declasse Burger Shot Stallion, Vapid Pisswasser Dominator, Bravado Gauntlet Redwood.
Stunt track GTA Online
There are huge range of new clothings already available for purchase around Los Santos. While your mates still in their boring suits with ties, wear tour racing jacket, festooned with sponsors' logos, racer or stuntman costumes.

Progen Tyrus from GTA Online
In addition to clothing, ther are 50 new tattoos has been added to the game. Also don't forget about new features, including new animation of the helmet's visor and complete re-tooling of the interaction menu, which has the opportunity to choose a standard racing suit.

More innovations!

Stunt race GTA Online
In the next few weeks the developers promise to add to the game even more stunt races and vehicles. And the last, but not least, the upcoming release of stunt races editor, which should become available 2 August. This editor will allow all the talents of the community to apply all their creativity and ingenuity by creating stunt the race of their (and ours) dreams!

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