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Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: VIP missions guide
In addition to saleing and byuing Special Cargos, the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update has other ways to make profit, namely VIP Mission and VIP Challenges. VIPs and CEOs get their dirty money from their subordinates and delivery of special goods, while Bodyguards and Associates receive regular and more than generous salaries and bonuses for completing missions and challenges. In this guide we will tell you how to make this income even higher!

VIP Missions

Being the CEO or VIP of your Organization, you can start a VIP Mission for your Organization. This is a series of cooperative missions performed in Free mode. VIP Missions can be run through the SecuroServ VIP option in the Interaction Menu. Bodyguards and Associates will be notified of the beginning of the mission via SMS on their in-game phone or through the SecuroServ App. VIP Missions give many opportunities to earn money and to get a significant amount of experience, but at the same time it gives the enemy Organizations to bite off a piece from your pie. Here are some tips on how to play this special modes GTA Online:


Headhunter in GTA Online
In Headhunter try to hit your targets from a distance, so that the guard won't find you and shoot at you back.
Objective: you and your Organization will need to destroy the many well-protected stationary or moving targets across the map before the timer expires.

To make your strike team worked like a well-oiled machine, pre-dispense key roles and follow these tips:

  • All your target will have increased armor and health, so they can easily put out all your fighters if they would attack on foot. To avoid retaliatory attacks on a stationary target, first kill everything you can from a distance and then send the troops into battle. Go away from the battlefield as soon as the target is destroyed, your wanted level will be immediately increased.
  • When you chasing the target on the vehicle, track the target's movements and plan an ambush on its way. This is the only way you will be able to avoid the hail of incoming bullets.
  • Divide and conquer! When you have many potential targets on the map, it is useless to direct put all your resources to only one of them. Divide your team into pairs which will pursue a moving target and send one competent fighter to the stationary ones.
  • To make sure that there will be no surprises, keep your air and assault vehicles ready before starting the mission timer.
  • Players can reduce their wanted level, using Leicester services or "Bribe Authorities" VIP option. Remember that the attack on police will lead wanted level to go up, even if the "Bribe Authorities" is still valid.
  • If you are a player of an enemy Organization, you will be able to receive the award for defense targets from an attacker.


Airfreight in GTA Online
When you deliver the container to the destination, leave the Cargobob immediately. The self-destruct system of the helicopter will go off after a few seconds.
Objective: Organizations will need to take a Cargobob helicopter and use it to pick up a special container and deliver it to the designated point.

Make your best pilot hop in the helicopter, while all the others fighters will have to play as muscle. Follow these tips in order to succeed in this mission:

  • While the cargo is in the air it can be damaged, which greatly reduces its cost. So don't be lazy, do it quickly to get the maximum profit!
  • Before you pick up the cargo, clear the area on which it's located. Dsetroy not only the enemy guards but all their equipment. Better to do it beforehand than to fight with military helicopters in the air at the time of delivery of your valuable container.
  • Or, after cleaning the area, one of your troops can capture the enemy gunship, providing you with extra (and totally free!) fire cover.
  • The most important thing during transportation of the container - good air support. Remember that you not only instantly get 3 wanted stars, after the seizure of the cargo, all players of the rival Organizations will be notified that you have started the mission. Be sure they won't hesitate to receive their rewards for taking you down.
  • As soon as you deliver the container to the place, leave the Cargobob as soon as possible! It will self-destruct in few seconds after delivery of the container to destroy all evidence of your illegal activity.
  • Players from the Freemode or the members of rival Organization will receive a cut of the cost of the container, if the Cargobob is destroyed.


Haulage GTA Online
If your truck caught fire detach the trailer immediately and pull the burning truck away. Thus the wreck of the burned-out truck won't block the way for your spare truck.
Objective: your Organization will need to deliver a large trailer to the destination, using a powerful semi-truck.

On the highway, your truck will be unstoppable battering RAM, able to sweep from its path all that had the temerity to be there. However, it is better to listen to our advice, to ensure success:

  • For this mission, it would be good to have an armored and armed transport, like the Insurgent, which will be able to get rid of most of the pursuers during trailer delivery. But if you don't have anything like that, then carefully inspect the trailer place somewhere there should be a fully working Karin Technical.
  • Attackers will throw themselves under the wheels of your truck, hoping to slow you down. Set up your camera so you can see as far forward as possible to make it easier to dodge them and not let tham slow down your progress.
  • If your truck starts to get too much damage and is about to explode, start to plan for its replacement. New trucks will be marked on your map with blue markers.
  • If your truck caught fire adn about to explode in just a few seconds, then quickly disconnect the trailer and pull the burning truck away from it so the wreck of the old truck won't block the fresh one.
  • Think about making one of your fighters took place in a spare truck in case something goes wrong.
  • If a rival Organization or other players deliver the goods, each of them will get a cut from the maximum rewards.

VIP Challenges

VIP Challenges are under the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu. VIP can start them to let his subordinates earn some money and experience. The winners of the Challenge, of course, claim what's due, but at the same time each Bodyguard involved in the Challenge, each minute earns money and experience as a participation reward.

Once the Challenge started, VIP can just watch the battle or take part personally.

Cashing Out

Cashing Out in GTA Online
Objective: all Organization's players compete to hack as many ATMs as possible in an allotted time.

Grab the money and run! Stock up with the fastest vehicle available and follow the tips below:

  • You better watch out. Always keep some distance between you and other members of your Organization. While hacking ATM you completely defenseless to their attacks. Do not forget that when approaching ATM.
  • Of course, if you see someone from your Organization is stopped at an ATM, then immediately attack him!
  • Constantly check the map, not only to find ATMs, but in order to always be aware of who is near you and plan your route through the locations with the highest number of ATMs.
  • If you want to move discreetly, contact Lester and remove your marker from the radar. So you will be able to surprise the opponent or to discreetly hack an ATM.
  • In this Challenge time is a critical factor. You will have only 60 seconds to hack the ATM before you get two wanted stars. Fast car and a good drive will be key to your success!
  • If you get killed you will lose the stolen money, so try not to get into trouble.


Salvage in GTA Online
Even if you use a rebreather oxygen and stamina will run out. Search for extra rebreather crates.
Objective: all players are used a rebreather. You will need to collect as many checkpoints under water as possible.

The underwater world is not so calm, he is full of dangers! Read our tips before you dive!

  • In this Challenge it's fair to use a knife to keep your opponent away from checkpoints. All bosses are highly recommended to set friendly fire ON in order to make the game even more interesting!
  • You don't need to swim from the shore to get to the checkpoints area. Search for Seasharks marked on the map.
  • Rebreather will allow you to stay under water much longer but oxygen and your stamina will run out eventually. Search for additional rebreather crates to stay longer under water.
  • Checkpoints are scattered fairly wide across the seabed. Why not sail from the place where checkpoints are numerous, giving your rivals cutting each other's throat, while safely collect unattended checkpoints?
  • When diving in the deep, make sure that you have enough oxygen and stamina to reach the place and to rise again to the surface. Don't let greed blind you, otherwise the sea will be your grave.

Weapon upgrades

Weapon upgrades in GTA Online
During a fierce firefight, the ability to choose the right time to recharge is what often distinguishes the living from the dead. Who wants to be caught by the enemy, keeping in the chamber only a couple of bullets? Fortunately, Ammu-Nation has already started selling special drum and box magazine for 8 of its most powerful guns. These magazines will highly increase your ammo capacity and give you more time between recharges, which is more than a significant advantage over your worse equipped opponents.

Special cargo tips

We have prepared for you some tips about wirking with special cargo. Read them carefully and your illegal operations will always run smoothly and end with a good profit:

  • You can see how much CEO and Associates in your session using the network SecuroServ. Don't forget about this when you plan your the next mission.
  • Make sure that you hired enough Associates. Shipping three crates comes with much more risk than shipping one, and requires more fighters to deliver the cargo and to protect it.
  • To pick up the cargo, you can just pass over it or, to save time and don't catch a bullet, you can drive to it by car. Remember that you will be able to pick up only one crate at a time.
  • Be ready for anything. Good assault vehicle, like the Buzzard Attack Chopper, will definitely come in hande. If you have any problems - use VIP abilities. It'll help you escape from the police or hide you and your Organization from the radar.
  • Other players can't attack your Warehouse, but they can attack the crates during delivery.
  • The more goods stored in your Warehouse, the more profit you can get. Selling large volumes will attract more whealty buyers with more favorable deals. But the risk will increase accordingly.
We hope that with this detailed guide you won't have any problems with your progress up the criminal hierarchy of Los Santos. Also, there are many useful and interesting articles on our website. For example, the article about sex in GTA 5 that is sure to interest all who are more than 18 years old.

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