Cunning Stunts: the best gifs, videos and more

Cunning Stunts: the best gifs, videos and more
The life of a street stunters in Los Santos is full of dangers, deadly stunts, daring races and everything else that makes blood in veins run faster. In this article we will show you the best of what the GTA Online community managed to shoot since the release of the Cunning Stunts update.

The players were delighted with the Cunning Stunts update, because tha update makes what previously only custom mods were capable of - death-defying races through amazing and impossible tracks, under the wheel of powerful supercars. Isn't that what we love GTA Online for? And since this is an official update the quality of added content is much better than in any custom mods. In a little time that has passed since the release of the update, players managed to shoot a lot awesome moments, but here we're going to show you only the best!

Let's start with some popular game bloggers. One of the most renowned GTA Online-bloggers Jelly, can't his excitement about the new updates and in a hurry to try out the freshly bought supercar in the most epic way: pushing the pedal to the floor on two new race tracks - "East Coast" and "Downtown Loop".

In this video popular bloggers Vikkstar123 and The Sidemen cut through the giddy heights on "Maze Bank Ascent" before trying out a new motorcycle Western Gargoyle on "Vinewood Downhill".

Sights Ov Gta from GTA Online
As you know, cool guys don't look at explosions, and Sights Ov Gta is no exception. Up to no good, he bursts into frame with his usual style, riding a brand new sparkling Western Gargoyle.

Competent and well executed overtaking leaves two opponents for dust, when ScavengerX3 sweeps past on his Progen Tyrus, literally balancing on the edge.

When it seemed that all is lost, Kappamari miraculously make it out of trouble and continues the race on a dizzying descent of "Plummet".

This race with TezzaMcJ has quite an unexpected outcome. Finding an unexpected shortcut he burst forward moved from sixth place to first in a few seconds.

gtafiveonline from GTA Online
Happy owner of a brand new RE-7B, gtafiveonline, demonstrates a great ability to capture good picture and express the dynamics in the photo.

Icadrian's quick reflexes and surprisingly accurate and timely nudge from one of opponents, that's been the cause of this beautiful "sliding on the razor's edge".

A happy coincidence or a precise calculation and cunning tactics? Either way, Pho3nixR3mix with such a beautiful performance put an end to all his opponent's hopes.

Share your own epic moments from the Cunning Stunts update in the comments below. If you have not had anything yet, then what are you waiting for? With this update questions like "How to get to the roof of the Maze Bank?" become just silly. With the Cunning Stunts you will pave a broad avenue straight to the roof.

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