New stunt races and vehicles

GTA Online: Cunning Stunts - New stunt races and vehicles
The release of the Cunning Stunts update last week, turned upside-down the entire racing world of GTA Online. This week even more hot new content has became available! The developers added to the game six new stunt races and three new cars.

New races

All classes of cars - supercars, muscle cars, sport cars, motorcycles and off-road can compete, falling into the abyss and fly through rings of fire, arranging mad races in six new stunt race.

Afterburner (motorcycle)

There was a time when even thought of flying through the flames at the old poor engineered chopper was horrified. Now those days are gone. Now we have a more serious problem: all the same a kilometer above the city in the middle of the night. Feel the adrenaline already?

Double loop in GTA Online
Onward, upward and over the Double loop race.

Double loop (supercars)

You can never have enougn of a good thing, especially if this good thing is an exciting race through loops in the sky over Fort Zancudo. Say goodbye to common sense and the laws of physics in this race!

Forest (motorcycles)

The great forests of the San Andreas is the most valuable resource on this land, because they provide us with quality wood, remote vaults for dark cults and cannibals and confusing and difficult tracks for stunt races as well.

Western Cliffhanger from GTA Online
Happy owner of a brand new Western Cliffhanger shows what it's like to be on top!

High Flier (motorcycles)

It's time to get up from the controls of your helicopter to learn how to ride a bike. This race through, around and over almost all skyscrapers in Los Santos is just for you!

Trench II (muscle)

Are you paranoid? Feel like the walls around you are slowly closing in? Often feel that you are trapped and there's no way out? Play in this race, to give your nerves to more serious test.

Zebra (sports)

A series of massive forks in the road, jumps, cliffs, stretching around the Mount Chiliad will be a real test even for a strong stomach. Before this race we extremely advise you to skip Breakfast. And lunch. And prepare an extra change of clothes.

New cars

Declasse Drift Tampa from GTA Online
Declasse Drift Tampa is one of the three new vehicles, perfect for drift and rally!
The racing cars fleet in GTA Online has been expanded since there are three new cool cars: Ocelot Lynx, Declasse Drift Tampa and Western Cliffhanger. Fresh blood in sports cars and motorcycles classes! Hurry up to brought them, because this weekend we will have a new premium race in the class of sports cars in Zebra.

Ocelot Lynx from GTA Online
New stylish sports car Ocelot Lynx is now available for purchase on the Legendary Motorsport website.
We will be watching for future updates for GTA Online, new cars, maps, and stuff, so you'll be always aware of what is happening in your favorite game. Earning money in races and trials you will be able to buy a house GTA Online, to provide yourselves with a sufficient stock of weapons, armor, and such for many years to come!

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2016-07-20 07:16:50

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