Bonuses and discounts in GTA Online

Bonuses and discounts in GTA Online
Traditional weekly event available again in GTA Online! From 19 to 25 July hurry up to get various bonuses and a 20% discount on the property and vehicles upgrades!

Expand your collection stunt attire with Silver Jumpsuit supplied with a matching helmet. You can get it for free this week. Jumpsuit will appear in your wardrobe as soon as you logged into the game. The offer is valid until July 25. Don't miss your chance!

Also, 20% discount on all garages and properties with garages will be available this week. Just what you need to place all 3 new vehicles (plus 12 old ones), which were added to the game in the Cunning Stunts update. If your garage is already no room left, don't forget that you can always use your second character (and a shared Bank account) to get 5 new garages and 50 new places for your personal fleet.

This week, all bonuses and discounts will relate to various aesthetic accessories for your four-wheeled friends. Hurry up to get 20% discount on spoilers, wheels, tire smoke, skirts, exhausts, and horns. Perfectly to make your new Ocelot Lynx and Declasse Drift Tampa excellent machines, not only in terms of performance but in appearance as well.

Don't miss your chance to take advantage of another generous offer from Rockstar Games! And be sure to take a look at other useful and interesting pages of our website. For example, we have a great article about games similar to GTA 5 where you can learn more about other games of GTA-genre.

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2016-07-20 08:06:18

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