New races and vehicles GTA Online

New races and vehicles in GTA Online
Rockstar Games didn't sit idly by, continuing to add to the game more and mre new races and vehicles. A new batch of fresh content is already available in GTA Online and in this article we will tell you more about it.

New races

Meet the five new races added as part of the GTA Online: Cunning Stunts update. These ordeals for any car and any driver will guide you through the complex, dangerous and fascinating tracks all over the world of GTA Online, from the slopes of Mount Chiliad to the hot sand of Vespucci. And the next week we will face even more momentous event: the release of Stunt Race Creator. This awesome new tool will increase already quite big arsenal of the creative part of GTA Online community, literally launching a new era in creating custom content for our favorite game.

But about all under the order. Let's start with the new races:

Chiliad (Super)

Mount Chiliad has been an inspiration for artists and a refuge for hippies and creepy sects for generations, but untill this day it wasn't interested the most rich and active part of the Los Santos population: the owners of powerful supercars. But with this stunt race, everything changed!

H200 (Sport)

H200 Race in GTA Online
After a long day at the office hoping that IT guy won't check your browser history, there is nothing more invigorating than the fresh ocean breeze and smell of salt water, floods the race track and, if you're not lucky, the engine of your car. One helpful tip for this race: bring your bikini.

Over the Bridge (Bike)

Obviously, sportbike with two-liter engine is not designed to fly above the port industrial area, but evolution never was a simple thing, especially for the pioneers.

Vespucci (Super)

Vespucci Race in GTA Online
The beaches of Los Santos is so much more than just golden sand, contaminated water, and steroid abuse. Besides all this, it is also a great place for breathtaking stunt race where every mistake can send your multi-million supercar on the bottom of the ocean.

The Wave (Bike)

Think that only force ten storm can make your seasick so strong you want to die? Then case you are wrong. This special feeling is available to you at any time in this stunt race for motorcycles.

New cars

Vapid Contender from GTA Online
Three new cool vehicles was added in GTA Online: Bravado Sprunk Buffalo (which can now be purchased by anyone), MTL Dune and Vapid Contender. Get behind the wheel of Bravado Sprunk Buffalo, and conquer stunt races among sports cars or call your friends to a nice rally under the wheel of MTL Dune. And Vapid Contender, albeit not a race car but has excellent performance for driving on any road and in almost any condition. Perfect for Organizations and their dark dealings.

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