Winners of the #Stunts Snapmatic Challenge

Winners of the GTA Online Stunts Snapmatic-contest
Not long ago Rockstar Games has launched a special #Stunts Snapmatic Challenge. Today it's time to sum it up!

Cunning Stunts raised the racing gameplay in GTA Online to a whole new level by adding new absolutely incredible tracks, and lots of fresh vehicles, on which you can try out these tracks. Of course, all these innovations attract Snapmatic photographers.

Needless to day that developers were just inundated with works of very different quality, but only five of them were worth victory and author of each has received his prize of 1 million game dollars. Let's start in order:

Snapmaticart by snowgoose95

Snapmaticart by snowgoose95
Racers and their perfectly color-matched bikes captured during a steep turn, creating a unique sense of dynamism of this magnificent picture by snowgoose95.

Grand Senora Desert by a Six-Face

Grand Senora Desert by a Six-Face
Between the high concrete walls of Trench 1 stunt race, Six-Face managed to perfectly capture Nagasaki BF400 in midair and the rider on the Bati 801RR, who is watching the opponent with his mouth widly open. Another great shot.

Hot Wheels by def9779

Hot Wheels by def9779
Hot asphalt become burning, in this picture by def9779 showing how tuned Obey Omnis, in all its terrible glory, leaves a blazing trail on the track.

Winner by Basimatic

Winner by Basimatic
Basimatic's work perfectly illustrates how the winner gets his well-deserved trophies. With two mega-luxury supercars on the background and two beautiful bikini girls, eager to share the triumph with the winner, this snapshot is great example for why you should win every race.

Cunning Stunts by greatler

Cunning Stunts by greatler
The Golden rule that says "rough guys don't look at explosion" works in GTA Online as well as in real life. For example, look at these guys. Behind them the flames and flying racing cars, but the roughness of the trio will affect by nothing. Perhaps that's how developers envisioned a typical racing veterans from Cunning Stunts update. Bravo greatler!

It is a pity that among the winners there are no users of our website. After all, everything is in your hands! All you need for victory in these contests is a high-end computer and a bit of creativity. And while it's unlikely that we can help you with your creativity, we can definitely help you with your PC. Check out our article about graphics card for GTA 5. Try hard and some day you will surely win!

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2016-08-01 09:16:47

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