Entourage Adversary Mode and new weekly event

Entourage Adversary Mode and new weekly event
The new Adversary Mode was added in GTA Online to please of all those who appreciate good old-fashioned shootout. Meet the brand new Entourage Adversary Mode!

Entourage requires from the team of Bodyguards of real tactical gameplay in order to successfully transport a well-armored and armed Target to a Extraction Point. At the same time, an Assassins' team should its best in order to destroy a well-guarded Target. The location of the Extraction Point is only visible to Target and Assassins' team, so the Bodyguards will have to rely on proper communication with a Target to safely deliver it into the point.

Also, yesterday a new weekly event has been launched in GTA Online. As usual, you can get double money and RP for playing the brand new Entourage Adversary Mode, until August 11. New Featured Playlist will appear directly on the GTA 5 start screen. Moreover, you can flaunt before your opponents on the track, taking advantage of 25% discount on new tattoos and stunt clothes.

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