Stunt Race Creator release

GTA Online Stunt Race Creator now avaliable
Cunning Stunts update has already brought into the game 27 brand new dizzying stunt races, along with many new vehicles and staff. Undoubtedly this is one of the most important updates that ever just happened in GTA Online. Now, get ready for something even more ambitious: today GTA Online Stunt Race Creator was officially released.

With this new feature in GTA Online, each player will get the opportunity to create and share his own unique stunt race in any class and using huge arsenal of tools.

Stunt Race Creator contains a huge variety of tools that allow you to quickly and easily stack objects together building intricate branching tracks, with jumps, traps, obstacles, loops and more. Use such tools as ramps, tubes or loops to create a massive structure rising to the clouds and falling to the distant ground.

Custom stunt race GTA Online
You'll have more than 250 props. Your track can be anything: it can spiral around the skyscrapers of Los Santos, dive down to the ground under bridges and in the streets, or climb the highest mountains. Make your masterpiece more interesting by adding a bit of dangerous obstacles like fire rings, accelerators, giant soccer balls, bowling pins and so on. Even tank in GTA 5 will not be able to get through all these obstacles just by ramming tihem aside.

If you don't know where to start, Rockstar Games has prepared a small guide explaining the basics of creating cool custom stunt races.

Also, the developers have promised to hold the first custom stunt races contest soon, so keep an eye out for our news to not to miss any important event.

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