Fan-art Gallery: July 2016

GTA Online Fan-art Gallery
The previous issue of Fan-art Gallery was just a mounth ago and now there's another one! Meet the fresh selection of the best fan-art for GTA Online by creative players from around the world!

Today, in addition to arts, we're in for something unusual. We won't bore you with unnecessary introductions so lets start with our first today's guest:

GTA V Fan Art by Matt Slater

GTA V Fan Art by Matt Slater
Australian designer Matt Slater presents his latest work: stylish ads for Karin Futo and the Vapid Bullet. Charming in its simplicity, with a carefully preserved little but important details, like custom tires or livery.

Deep Sea Adventures by oathDCR

Deep Sea Adventures # 1 of oathDCR Deep Sea Adventures No. 2 of oathDCR
Cleverly merged together Snapmatic-photos with a dash of Photoshop are enclosed in the bottle. Beautiful and unusual work from the community veteran oathDCR.

Lester by Grobi-Grafik

Lester by Grobi-Grafik
Not a single issue of our Fan-art Gallery was without this great artist. This time Grobi-Grafik decided to move away from creating characters portraits and return to where it once started - creating female versions of main GTA 5 characters. Meet Lester recrated into a beautiful plump girl, similar to the original, as a sister can be similar to her twin brother. The ability to draw authentically, but with his own unique style - that's why we like Grobi-Grafik's works so much.

wpap Trevor by d32na

wpap Trevor by d32na
Indonesian artist D32na presents his portrait of Trevor Phillips, made in the WPAP style (Wedha's Pop Art Portrait). There was nothing like this in the Fan-art Gallery before. Bravo!

Birdie, Lee, and Lady East by Charlie Dunn

Birdie by Charlie Dunn Jester by Charlie Dunn
Lee by Charlie Dunn Lady East by Charlie Dunn
Charlie Dunn has showed his mastery of Snapmatic and graphical editors to portray GTA Online characters of his crewmates from UNIT crew.

Debra by JamesMason0

Debra by JamesMason0
"A woman who is so narcissistic that she has a giant portrait of herself in her living room." JamesMason0 recreated his favorite GTA 5 character in 3D. It is a pity that this girl appeared in the game just for a few minutes.

Money and Love by Jackce-Art

Money and Love by Jackce-Art
No money, no honey. Jackce-Art teamed up with his colleague from DeviantArt to drew her GTA Online character as a paramour of billionaire Devin Weston.

GTA Online: Chrissy by ArtRN

GTA Online: Chrissy by ArtRN
French artist ArtRN used ink and Photoshop to create interesting and stylish portrait of his own GTA Online character - Chrissy.

Unfortunately, this is all fan art that we wanted to show you today. Stay tuned for our news, to make sure you don't miss anything important from the world of GTA Online. Also, on our website you can find a lot of useful and interesting articles, for example an article about graphics card for GTA 5 that will help you to choose graphics card for comfortable playing in GTA Online.

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2016-07-29 10:43:56

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