How to become a Kingpin?

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: how to become a Criminal Kingpin
The Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update has added to the game a brand-new gameplay, which GTA Online players couldn't even dream of! Now you can buy and sell contraband, gaining influence and expanding your criminal Empire. You, along with your faithful comrades, can become the absolute rulers of the criminal world, the real Criminal Kingpin!

Luxurious office in GTA Online
Choose between four different office buildings, each with its own interchangeable decor.

Office space

Before you start to make a profit, you need to take care of the most necessary and the most necessary is to acquire a suitable office, which will give you access to the CEO status and all the possibilities of conducting your illegal business. Go to the Dynasty 8 website using your in-game phone or computer and purchase one of the luxurious offices in Los Santos. You will be able to configure it by using a variety of decorations and furnishings, and lable it with Organization's name, and then provide with a variety of amenities, such as Safe, where you can stock all ill-gotten money, an Accommodation Area, where you will be able to take a nap and change a costume, and also a Gun Locker that allows you to customize your weapons before the mission.

Inside your office, you will also find other facilities which should help you in your dirty business: a Boardroom Table, equipped with a 3D map of all the potential places where you can place your Warehouses (the green marks indicate your own Warehouses, red - the ones you still have to buy); media center with large screen, equipped with timeless gaming classic "Don't Cross The Line" and the SecuroServ computer that will help you in your illegal operations.

In addition to the above, with an Office you will get a personal Associate - he will keep you informed of all the affairs of your Organization, and will also take on logistical tasks, such as preparing of your vehicles, recovering of confiscated vehicles, organization of helicopter deliveries of yourself back to the Office, and the like.

Organization's Warehouse in GTA Online
Choose the size and location of the Warehouse depending on your strategy - the larger Warehouse will ensure the rapid growth while small Warehouse suitable for beginners Organizations from the very beginning of their criminal career.

Be a Kingpin

When you buy an Office, register your CEO status through SecuroServ with the Interaction Menu or through the computer in your Office. Unlike the VIPs, you will not find any requirements to your bank account or the time frame of the Organization existence.

Criminal operations require a resource network and, not the least of wich - Warehouses where you can store illegally extracted goods. Warehouses can be small, medium or large size. At the same time you can only own five, but no Warehouses or Offices does affect your real estate limit. Before you buy a Warehouse, try to choose the one that best meets your needs including its location and size.

Warehouses also going along with the special Workbenches on which you will be able to upgrade your vehicles before the Special Cargo missions, providing them with armor or homing missile jammers.

Buying Mission in GTA Online
Be careful during the Buying Mission. Not everything will always goes according to plan.

Buying Special Cargo

Special Cargo Buy missions are extremely dangerous and consist of several stages. They require a well-coordinated team, if you want to complete them successfully. Buying Missions are quite different, from police stings, to chase at high speed, helicopter ambushes, and more. There are three amount of cargos that can be bought: 1 crate, 2 crates or 3 crates. The larger the amoung of crates, the more difficult the mission is. A large amount of Special Cargos means more risk and more money at stake, but allows you to quickly fill your Warehouses and to het the better offers from potential buyers sooner.

Of course, not every mission goes according to plan. You will be exposed to various Los Santos gangs, police, enemy Organizations, and other threats. Carefully plan your mission, know by heart the location of your Warehouses, make sure that your Associates are skilled enough and their number is sufficient for the rapid delivery of all crates (remember that one player can carry only one crate at a time), don't forget to use your CEO abilities and, most importantly, learn to correctly assess the risk and expected profit.

As soon as you receive the cargo, be prepared for anything. Keep an eye on your mates, so you will always know what is happening around. You will have limited time to complete delivery, and it is the smaller, the more cargo you are transporting. In this case the main thing is efficiency!

After completing several Buying Missions, the CEO may get the acces to a Special Item mission. These items are incredibly valuable and are sold much more expensive. These missions contain only one cargo that must be delivered through the particularly strong resistance.

Gun Locker in GTA Online
Use the Gun Locker to customize your weapons before the missions.

Selling Special Cargo

When the time comes to sell your goods, you will be able to do it through a computer located at the Warehouse. You will have up to three offers to choose from which depends on your inventory level. If you have a Special Item, it will be a separate buyer. The Selling Missions is an opportunity for you and your Organization to finally monetize your cargos and all the efforts you put to its delivery. The larger Special Cargo attract more wealthy buyers, but also stronger competitors. Your convoy will be exposed to attacks all around Los Santos and the failure of the mission will greatly affect your profits.

Maximize the value of your Special Cargo, carefully choosing the time of the Salling Mission. Save more values in your Warehouse and it will attract more affluent buyers, however, the full Warehouse won't remain for a long time without unwanted attention. Beware of the attacks of Los Santos gangs, trying to bite off a piece of your pie.

You can slowly fill your Warehouse, transporting one crate at a time. It is less expensive, but not very efficiently. Buying large quantities of contraband will fill your Warehouse up three times faster, but at great cost. Choose depending on your own tastes. Also, remember: the more players in a session, the greater the risk, but the bonus for shipping will increase accordingly.

You will receive payment when all crates will be delivered to the destination.


I wanna be the CEO. Why should I become an Associate?

In addition to the periodically salary, Associates receive additional bonuses, such as payments for the successful completion of several Cargo Missions in a row. And, of course, more RP and better health regeneration by a certain radius from your CEO.

How can other players interfere in my business?

After the Organization collect the Special Cargo in the Buying Mission or trying to sell them in the Selling Mission, the global signal for the entire session refers to the location of your Special Cargo, revealing it to all players in the session and the rival Organizations. The delay of this message depends on the delivery size. Other Organizations and players will receive a reward for the destruction of your goods, so we advise you to always keep your eyes open.

Can I be a member of the Special Cargo mission, if I am not a member of the Organization?

Players who are not members of Organizations, but are in Freemode can participate in the Special Cargo mission. These players will be notified that some Organization has started a Buying Missions or sale of Special Cargo by a special red marker on the map. Once the marker appears, it means that the Organization has collected a Special Load and tries to deliver it to their Warehouse or to the customer to sale. The players in the session and other Organizations can attack these goods and get ammo, money and experience for each destroyed crate.

Why I can't start Buying or Sell Mission in a private session?

To become a successful CEO you will need to take the entire risk of ruthless smuggling business in Los Santos. That's why all the Special Cargo missions are designed specifically for playing in public sessions. Remember that the more players in your session, the more rewards you will receive for successful delivery. If you suspect that other players are hanging around your your Warehouse or Office, choose timing to start the mission. Make sure that you have enough Associates and let them clear your way to huge profits.

Why I can't start another mission?

There is a 5-minute cooldown for Buying Mission and 30-minute cooldown for Selling Mission for each Warehouse. You still can choose to sell another.

What if one of the members of my Organization causing problems?

The CEO can dismiss members of the Organization via personal Interaction Menu. Unfortunately, CEO can't dismiss members of his Organization during missions. If your Associate deliberately destroyed the cargo during the mission, the CEO may punish the insolent by dismissing him from the Organization after the mission and blocking him the opportunity to become a CEO or an Associate for 30 minutes.

I hope this guide will help you to achieve success in the smuggling business of Los Santos. Also, on our website there are many other useful articles about GTA Online. For example, the article about drivers for GTA 5 that will help you improve game performance and resolve any problems.

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