Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire now in GTA 5

New Hellfire Bravado Gauntlet GTA 5

What's that rumbling sound like the war started and on the street riding a column of tanks, you ask? No wonder, when the arena in GTA 5 Online comes a new BRAVADO GAUNTLET HELLFIRE. He rumbles and roars, and spews in all directions clubs Hellfire like a demon that appeared from the underworld. He came to collect the souls of careless drivers and those fools who lack the courage to drive on the highway at the highest speed possible. Not afraid to get behind the wheel? Then go to Southern San Andreas Super Autos and give the devil all your money.

A collection of rare figurines

New Hellfire Bravado Gauntlet GTA 5
What strange Hobbies did not invent people who do not know what to do with their money. So this collector from the comic book store Hardcore does something like that, collecting rare figurines. However, not all is always rosy, and are envious and greedy people who are ready this collection of unscrupulous to steal. Well, people like you when this happens, a great way to make money. Go to the search, the owner of the collection will not scrimp.

Double payouts

So, you have been appreciated all the charm of a new casino, but never managed to finish all the tasks? Now comes the most time, because the payoff for them will be doubled. And this applies to both storyline quests and tasks in free mode. So if you need money for a new muscle car - go! In addition, double payments are waiting for business sharks who are not too lazy to come together in business battles. And just desperate guys are lucky - payments for Rockstar created race stunt doubled as well.

New t-shirt is already waiting for you

New Hellfire Bravado Gauntlet GTA 5
How you can buy a new muscle car, but to stay in my tie? Wear a new t-shirt and show everyone who is the coolest and on what kind of car you came to hang out. Itself t-shirt will be available free of charge to all who came to the game until September 11.

The main prize on the wheel of fortune took a new sports car

And here's the new prize is on the casino floor. Wonder what's on this week? Developers already take off the cover - we are all waiting for a chance to win Truffade Nero. This can be done absolutely free, just go to the casino and spin the wheel of fortune once a day.

New Hellfire Bravado Gauntlet GTA 5

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