Ocelot Locust now in GTA 5 Online

New Ocleot Locust in GTA 5

How you consider, whether it is so necessary to the present sport car such ordinary things like a windshield or roof? Remember how the look of race cars and the answer will become obvious to you. And the answer to it you will appreciate the minimalism of the new Ocelot Locust who had just appeared on the market in GTA 5 Online. You can buy it in Legendary Motorsport, and it would be a worthy purchase. Just watch your head, wear a helmet in the car on the safety will have to take care of yourself, because it's nothing but outrageous speed.

For the weapons bonuses

Now all plunged into the development of arms and its trade. So don't overlook your secret bunker with supplies or business warehouse - you will be able to earn twice as much as usual. Perform tasks in the trade and be engaged in development of projects - this week everything is faster and much more profitable.

Double payments for the sale of goods

Not just selling guns, you can earn this week. You can well earn more and trade all sorts of smuggling - it also comes with twice the profit. As is the case with airplanes. So hurry to the hangar behind the boxes to your favorite clients.

The job of the bunker will bring a double benefit

But that's not all, on what you can earn this week. I guess you're gonna be happy with the idea that any of your favorite task from a series about the bunker will bring you a double benefit both in money and in points. Don't miss this unique chance to earn.

New t-shirt Ocelot

New Ocleot Locust in GTA 5
If you are too lazy to look into GTA 5 Online, this week, you will find that your closet absolutely for free added new t-shirt with car logo. Express yourself - show everyone how uncompromising the choice you make when it comes to four-wheel vehicles.

On the wheel of fortune a new prize: Cheval Taipan

Got lucky last time, and you can't wait for the new prize on the wheel of fortune? Then meet the legendary Cheval Taipan. He bursts into the casino hall and stopped in anticipation of what will tame this noble steed and lead him away to freedom. So place your bets and spin the wheel. To rotate it 1 time per day absolutely free, which makes your chance of winning just in heaven.

New Ocleot Locust in GTA 5

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