Progen Emerus now in GTA 5 Online

A new supercar Progen Emerus in GTA 5 Online

You were expecting something really powerful? Royal luxury car? If someone wanted to create it, it would look exactly like new Progen Emerus added by the developers of Rockstar the game this week. Get behind the wheel and experience all that it should be the present king of the road.

The new time trials on radio-controlled cars

A new supercar Progen Emerus in GTA 5 Online
Don't like to risk his precious head, which is used to come up with a brilliant surgery and the theft of the banks? I think that in the race involved just crazy? Then what do you say about a brand new racing experience for RC cars? You don't have to climb into this machine of death and to risk the life of another, already far not the first time. Just grab up the remote and move this crazy piece of engineering with just one finger! If you're still wondering, consider that the reward for winning the race on radio-controlled cars will be increased as much as 2 times.

Increased payoffs for the battle in the arena

In addition, you can compete in the race toy cars, you can also play with toys bigger and get a decent profit. Go to the Maze Bank arena and grow rivers of blood and metal from their rivals. Get 2 times more rewards.

New prize on the wheel of fortune

A new supercar Progen Emerus in GTA 5 Online
Prior to August 21 inclusive, you'll be able to obtain one of the most legendary racing cars in GTA 5 absolutely for free! Go to the casino and pray for my own luck. You will get any GTA$ or RP, new clothes. And if the goddess of fortune will be favorable to you, then you'll get a real brand new Dinka Jester Classic.

The casino has updated shop

Never forget to look into the gourmet shop at the casino. Here you will find where to spend your won money. The range is constantly updated with various works of art, sculptures, installations, unique clothing and accessories. Don't miss the chance to buy something really unusual.

Discounts of the week

This week you will receive traditional a 30% discount on some objects for the game, namely:
  • RC Bandito
  • Arena Workshops
  • Arena Workshop Add-Ons & Renovations
  • Arena HVY Scarab (all styles)
  • Arena Declasse Brutus (all styles)
  • Arena MTL Cerberus (all styles)
  • Arena Sasquatch (all styles)
  • Arena Annis ZR380 (all styles)
  • Arena Western Motorcycle Company Deathbike (all styles)
  • Arena Vehicle Weapons
  • Arena Vehicle Armor Plating
  • Arena Vehicle Vertical Jump
  • Arena Boosts
  • Arena Bodyworks (Blades, Spikes & Rollcages)

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