Gifts in GTA Online

Gifts from diamond casino in GTA 5

Thank-you payment from diamond casino in GTA 5 Online

Do you love to receive gifts? Probably everyone would agree that it is very nice. Especially if they are memorable or very useful. Recently in GTA Online opened the casino door and the people can see the stream sparkling diamonds, way of life and a splash of champagne pouring from the doors of this institution. Of course, not all by this time, the game has a sufficient capital that you shamelessly squander! And that is why the developers made such a gorgeous gift. But will get they are not for everyone, but only the most devoted players.

Gifts from diamond casino in GTA 5
So, if you were smart and agile, and does not slow down the last couple of weeks going into the game between July 23 and August 3 - you will receive a guaranteed prize from the casino diamond! This is not some branded t-shirt and mug! Although, of course, I must admit that sweatshirt with the logo of the casino will really be delivered to your house. As a signature poster that will decorate your wall. But what you really will appreciate is the case with crisp bills, with a total value of 250 thousand GTA$! Could you have imagined this? Probably not. However, here, get and sign. All gifts will be delivered to players no later than August 11.

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