The opening of the casino in GTA Online

The opening of the casino in GTA Online

Attention all fans of gambling and thrill. GTA Online finally opened a fully operational casino. It is a real luxury place to stay. It offers not only gambling and big winnings. In addition to the opportunity to tickle their nerves there is also a great opportunity to relax in the Spa and lounge areas. But that's not all - all the details read below.

Play area

On the gaming floor you will find a virtual activity for every taste. There is and roulette and the famous blackjack, and poker. Of course all this requires some effort and time. But if you don't know how to play these games, you can use the famous slot machines and try your luck pulling the lever! And for the gambling and there are a great wheel of fortune. The word once a day you can play it absolutely for free. And the prize may be the most diverse thing. This can be a tidy sum of money, and new clothes, and a variety of useful discounts, and even a car! In General, you will definitely come away happy with this win-win lottery. For that to become a full member of the casino you have to pay 500 GTA$. In comparison with the potential winnings is a very insignificant contribution, so be prepared, you can find lots of entertainment and freebies.


The opening of the casino in GTA Online
If you are tired of games and entertainment and suddenly you want something else, the casino will find something to help you. Offers vast areas, a room with multimedia, full Spa treatments. To have fun and drink in the bar or in the party room - a great place to spend time with friends! But do not forget about the most important - business! The guys from Rockstar have not forgotten and have prepared for you a great office and office. You may need an extra bedroom or a garage for your ceases to fit all conceivable Parking spaces city personal fleet. All this can be arrange to your liking, choose the flooring, add a few sculptures from the store of the casino. Show everyone that you have taste!

New mission

Of course, with the release of the updates and the emergence of a fascinating new locations it is impossible to imagine that we could be without new missions. That is why you will soon get acquainted with the family of Cheng, which was in serious difficulties defending his gambling. You have to help them, and at the same time earn some money on another sleepless night at the card table! Missions for 2-4 people.

Shop in a casino

I must say that a lot of money give rise to many possibilities. And one of them is an art. Expensive clothes and works are exclusive items and can be purchased at the casino. Treat yourself and show off your own inimitable exclusive style.

New cars and race

The opening of the casino in GTA Online
Can be just casino is not enough for you? Of course, the game GTA wouldn't be complete without a new transport. It would be strange if with the brilliance of diamonds the developers would forget about his criminal past. So meet the new Truffade Thrax, Enus Paragon R, Annis S80RR and Weeny Issi Sport and Vapid Caracara 4x4. All they can steal, buy, break, and test the strength in crazy races, which, incidentally, also appeared in the game completely new.

The opening of the casino in GTA Online

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