Bonuses for stunt race GTA 5 Online

Bonuses in GTA Online

Bonuses for stunt racing and transactions to repurchase in the Maze Bank

Summer is in full swing and that means it's time to have fun to the fullest. The developers of team Rockstar didn't forget about it, they have prepared for you additional bonuses and deals in the Bank. What exactly are you waiting for? Read about it below.

Double payouts for all the stunt racing

Can't wait to do a nose job? Ready to break a leg for good Kush? What if you offered a reward twice as much as before? Are you ready to risk for the sake of a couple of his ribs? If Yes then go ahead, because these stunt ranges the GTA Online erupted a real battle of crazy cars and motorcycles zipping by in the air. A great chance to earn and have fun.

Bonuses in GTA Online

The salary for bodyguards has been doubled

What to do if you are tired of office work, and the robbery is already fed up? There is one great option would be to get a bodyguard to a powerful boss. It is the job with guaranteed payment, however do not forget that maybe one day you will have to risk your life for another person. But the reward is high, and it is especially high this week - increased as much as 2 times.

Bonuses in GTA Online

40% discount

But that's not all the news that will please you. Here's a decent list of interesting objects that you may purchase for their personal use at a knockdown price with a discount of 40%:

  • Mobile Operations Center Cabs, Renovations & Bays
  • Mammoth Avenger, Renovations & Add-ons
  • Benefactor Terrorbyte
  • Facilities
  • Hangars
  • Executive Offices
  • Special Cargo Warehouses
  • Bunkers
  • Biker Clubhouses & Businesses
  • Nightclubs, Renovations & Add-ons
  • Nightclub Garages
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