Independence day in GTA 5 Online

Independence day in GTA 5

In the game there comes a special time, a time of celebrations and fireworks, merriment and incredible entertainment. In comes the GTA Online independence Day, celebrated traditionally every year. Get your Patriotic flag and all the Patriotic clothing that will only in the wardrobe. But if it means you have to go outside naked but don't worry - the developers at Rockstar have ensured that you had something to wear and what to go and how to have fun.

Special 40% discount on party supplies

So, let's see what you can get in the game at an incredibly cheap price? What crazy holiday items in GTA Online will be available at a discount as much as 40%? Here's the full list:
  • Vapid Liberator
  • Western Sovereign
  • The Musket
  • Firework Launcher and Firework Ammo
  • Mk II Weapon Independence Day Liveries
  • Mobile Operations Center Independence Day Liveries
  • Star Spangled Banner Horns
  • Patriotic Tire Smoke
  • Independence Day Clothing, Masks and Outfits
  • Independence Day Haircuts

Holiday bonuses

What to do during the holidays? Of course to celebrate! But it may happen that you rather want to work hard and take a chance than waste your money. In this case, you have a great opportunity to engage in smuggling, because all tasks from the update, "The Smugglers Run" is a triple income! Additionally, the sale of weapons and special cargo will bring a double benefit - don't miss your opportunity to promote your business. A good bonus will be given to the bikers who, as they do not know what freedom really is. For all the tasks for the sale of goods with a biker enterprises you will receive twice the amount of GTA$.

Bonuses for independence day in GTA Online
In addition in the said will earn double payouts for jobs customers and the job at the missile base. The holiday will affect the development of projects in the bunkers - they will move twice as fast, and night clubs can bring double the income from the influx of people wishing to have fun.

There are a couple of things that you'll definitely enjoy it - have a look at the holidays in the game and you get absolutely free brand Patriotic t-shirt USA Canis and Patriot beer hat.

Other holiday discounts

Holiday transport from GTA 5 Online
You thought that such scope and generosity enough? Maybe you were waiting for a good opportunity to invest their money in the game? Maybe you want to buy a car or real estate? Maybe a yacht? Or a real bunker? The scale of discounts is really amazing. But let's start with the fact that absolutely all the ammunition, including the Mk II, there is a discount of as much as 75%, that is, you get them practically for free! But these things you will get a discount of 40%, which is also very significant:

Good game and happy celebration! Don't forget to follow the news on our website to not miss important updates.

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