Vulcar Nebula Turbo appeared in GTA 5

The new sports car in GTA 5

Not necessarily back to the last century, to feel all the charm of a simple, but very stylish cars. And buying such a car does not have to sacrifice speed and power in favor of the retro style. Note the new Vulcar Nebula Turbo. This car with turbo can accelerate to hundreds in seconds. Is not this what you dreamed of?

Double race

Will receive their benefits by participating in the competition on speed. Modes take the "Scenic route", "Competition in the Ranch" and "Route Grapsidae" and get them twice the reward. You will not regret the effort and in addition will be able to enjoy the amazing views of nature.

A gift for entering the game

The new sports car in GTA 5
If you love gifts and love Souvenirs, then hurry to use your chance to get a brand new t-shirt retro style comic. Hurry up, because you can do it only until August 28. Then the free t-shirt will end and no one to give will not.

Free bar

Love the freebie and the phrase "on the house?" Then you definitely don't want to miss this week out of sight, because casino bars in Diamond bar and your personal penthouse now work in absolutely free mode. Go for a drink, but try to know the measure, because to lose your head in such conditions very easily. However, in addition to free booze there is something else - you can significantly expand your bar and purchase a room at a discount of 30%. As well as hold private parties for half the price.

New prize on the wheel of fortune

The new sports car in GTA 5
If you've always wanted to get the famous Benefactor Schlagen GT for free, your chance has come. This machine has now been replaced by a place on the podium of the wheel of fortune and you can win it. It is sufficient only not to forget to spin the wheel and do not miss your chance. In addition, you can win a lot of other equally useful things in the game.

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