Survival Series and Arena War Bonuses

Survival Series and Arena War Bonuses
It takes guts to withstand wave after wave of bloodthirsty enemies. Some might even say it requires a death-wish.

Those people just don’t understand the appeal of the Survival Series, and they probably never will. Jump in to get double rewards all week long.

GTA survival series online

Double Rewards & Triple Arena Points

The industrial-scale demolition derby of Arena War is paying out Double GTA$ and RP along with TRIPLE the Arena Points to all competitors this week, so fill your gas-tank up with premium unleaded and see how far you can fling a hunk of twisted steel.

This past weekend’s Arena War gladiators went especially hard repping the Apocalypse Variant on their Arena Contender Vehicles. To reward their allegiance all competitors can get the Apocalypse Variant for any of their Contender Vehicles at a special 50% off discount.

Double rewards and triple or more the points of the arena

On the Podium This Week: The Dinka Sugoi

When you’re not wreaking vehicular havoc, make sure to stop by The Diamond Casino & Resort and give the Lucky Wheel a spin. This week’s top prize is the Dinka Sugoi, a compact hatchback perfect for suburban grocery and contraband runs.

The Dinka Sugoi


Get a leg up in the Arena War and arm yourself against potential ne’er-do-wells.

50% off All Apocalypse Vehicle Upgrade Variants
Bruiser, Brutus, Cerberus, Deathbike, Dominator, Impaler, Imperator, Issi, Sasquatch, Scarab, Slamvan, ZR380

50% off All Apocalypse Vehicle Upgrade Variants
50% Off Arena Workshop and 40% Off Arena Workshop Customizations and Add-Ons

50% Off Arena Workshop
40% Off Invade and Persuade RC Tank

40% Off Invade and Persuade RC Tank
35% Off Principe Deveste Eight

35% Off Principe Deveste Eight

On Sale: Vehicles

  • RC Bandito – 40% off
  • Pegassi Toros – 40% off
  • Schyster Deviant – 40% off

On Sale: Laser Weapons

  • Up-n-Atomizer – 35% off
  • Unholy Hellbringer – 35% off
  • Widowmaker – 35% off
PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus members will receive:

A special monthly GTA$1,000,000 benefit each month until the launch of GTA Online on PlayStation 5, just for playing. This week is your last chance to get the July monthly benefit, which ends on August 5th.

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