Progen T20 from GTA 5

Progen T20 from GTA 5
T20 - is a new supercar from a new manufacturer in GTA 5. The basis for the car was the McLaren P1, which borrowed T20 body and tail lights. The characteristics of the new car are second to none supercar in the game game and could easily compete with each game car on the GTA Online track. Frankly, T20 is considered to be the fastest car in the game at the moment. Powerful engine of T20 can be compared to the real McLaren P1 engine (high revolution V8).

The car has an impressive acceleration and excellent top speed. Good handling makes it easy to switch from one type of the road to another, everything turns out very smooth.

Progen T20 from GTA 5 - side view Progen T20 from GTA 5 - rear view Progen T20 from GTA 5 - the view from the cockpit
Interesting fact - Progen T20 has a retractable spoiler (wing) that automatically extends when accelerating s and helps the car to slow down moothly. Spoiler extends at speed of 40 mph, and presses the rear of the car, improving the aerodynamic flow. By reducing the speed, the wing is tilted forward, helping to slow T20 quickly and smoothly.

Characteristics of Progen T20 from GTA 5

Speed 354 km/h (220 mph)
Weight 1395 kg
Engine gasoline
Capacity 2 persons
Drive LWD
Brake force distribution 45/55
Damage in the collision 70%
Damage during the deformation of the body 70%
Damaging by small arms 100%
Damaging of engine 150%
The purchase price in GTA Online $2200000
The price of legal sale $1320000
The illegal sale price -

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