GTA 5 Challenge - 3 ELEMENTS by Azzie Channel

GTA 5 Challenge - 3 ELEMENTS
Finally we reached the first Russian video that is worthy to take its place among our collection of the best GTA Online videos. Meet the Azzie Channel's creation, called GTA 5 Challenge - 3 ELEMENTS.

Guys with nicknames Azzey and Yanchik approached to us creatively. Instead of following the rules of already existing events and missions of GTA Online they decided to come up with their own rules. In fact, they invented their own games within GTA Online. The point is this: each of the participants have to perform fairly complex test (invented by the opponent). The succeed would be bonus points, the one who has not receives nothing. And upping the stakes, the loser according to the results of the three tests needs to eat a lime. Yes, not a lemon, of course, but still unpleasant enough.

As for the tests, then it is possible to say that nothing was particularly difficult (that does not interfere with our heroes to fail). Of the tests you can select, for example: fly to maximum height, jump out and land in one minute forty seconds. Too easy you say? Try it for yourself. I tried - did not work. Next: to read the number of the machine, discharged into the sea from a helicopter. Is not so easy, right? It is so in the allotted time - thirty seconds. In short, we will not spoil. Watch the video. We are glad that the Russian community of GTA Online has finally got to us with his creativity. We wish the guys luck with their next video.

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2015-12-15 11:01:51

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