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This time we have brought not only interesting and fun, but also useful video from a popular gaming channel GameSpot. Some useful tips for those who want to win in the new Adversary Mode "Every Bullet Counts".

Rockstar Games regularly delight us with new variety of game modes. This is what a great imagination, coupled with a competent game design, suppose to be. And adapt to the rules of the new regime "Every Bullet Counts" and thus created gameplay, is not very easy. That's why we decided to add this video that would clearly show you what to do in this new mode. Watch the video, make a mental note and win.

"Every Bullet Counts" is a new Adversary Mode, added to the GTA Online's playlist in early December 2015. This mode is a battle every man for himself on small maps and tight, enclosed spaces. The main feature of the new regime is that each player has only a powerful Marksman pistol with just two bullets and edged weapons - a Machete or a Hatchet. The match involved four people, so by simple reasoning, we can understand that even with incredibly accurate shooting, there is not enough bullets for each enemy. The whole point of this mode is reduced to lightning-fast action, good stealth and ability to confuse the opponent. Also, very noteworthy is the style in which Rockstar Games introduced the "Every Bullet Counts". All players wear colorful masks depicting animals or characters of horror films. All this resembles a kind of reference to the unforgettable Hotline Maiami. The original music should be played.

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2015-12-14 03:34:44

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