GTA Online best moments by KYRSP33DY

Deluxe 4's Awesome Girlfriend and Epic Plane Crashes!
What could be better than playing GTA Online with fun and badass crowd of friends? Because this increases the amount of fun you get to literally dozens of times! Especially in GTA Online, playing with such an incredibly wide opportunities for online adventures. This video is the best proof of the fact that playing alone is ten times less fun than playing with friends.

Popular video blogger KYRSP33DY, specializing in various video games and, in particular, on GTA Online, upload this video where he and his friends transform the familiar gameplay of our favourite games into a real clownish carnival, full of trash, fumes and sparkling humor. Here, for example, in this video, we can see how inquisitive and creative mind finds new ways to entertain itself in the world of GTA Online. Look at this "blind" races on a sportbike or a dizzying (but not always successful) stunts on the plane. All this, of course, flavored with a real Orgy of laughter and frenzy, understandable even to someone who does not speak English. And for the dessert we can expect something from "night life" in Los Santos. Or rather what the heroes of our video had made of this. Just look.

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2015-12-07 05:15:27

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