The "True lies" and the Hydra fighter

The True lies and the Hydra fighter
Remember that good old blockbuster with old Arnie, "True lies"? And that moment at the end where the character of Arnold flies on his AV-8B "Harrier" II to the crane installed on the roof of the skyscraper to rescue his daughter? Now, we know that Azzey and Yanchik decided to repeat this trick in GTA Online. Ask what they need to do so? Not much, really: two players, a Hydra fighter jet with vertical takeoff (which, by the way, similar to the plane in the film like two drops of water) and a suitable crane on a skyscraper. All this is fortunately available in GTA Online.

Boldly and bravely, our heroes began their mission. But will they succeed? Watch the video and you'll see! Generally it's really a great idea: cosplay scenes from famous movies in a GTA Online. Yes and all the necessary tools are here. There is a gorgeous game engine, with almost infinite possibilities, and great graphics, and extensive appearance customization of the characters, and Rockstar Editor, which allows you to create a true masterpieces. If you guys do that, that would just be incredibly cool. You can, for example, remove a couple of scenes from the Matrix or Terminator in GTA Online. If such a video appeared on the Azzie Channel, it will be great! In the meantime, we have what we have. And it is also very cool. Let's wish the guys luck in their future work!

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2015-12-24 07:33:23

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