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Holiday dresses in GTA Online
Meet video from The Sonic Flare Gamer channel - GTA 5 ONLINE AWESOME CHRISTMAS COSTUMES

We already have written in our newswire about the huge variety of things that have been added in GTA Online to celebrate Christmas and New Year's holidays. Among others things we mentioned the New Year's costumes for your character in GTA Online. Now we have decided to tell you about it more detailed, so we've added this video from The Sonic Flare Gamer channel, in which the author shows us every single new festive costumes. Which, incidentally, is quite steep. What about this suit of casual elf? Just look at this face - the creeps!

Rockstar Games went to great lengths to create a festive mood. As if by magic they threw snow over the hot Los Santos, gave the players a huge amount of the variety of Christmas and Christmas paraphernalia. Now in GTA Online you can often find very strange characters, with a tree instead of a head, if not with cookies. It all looks very unusual. In addition to this and added gameplay elements, like a new Mode Superiority "against the Beast of a Maniac", video of which, we hope, will soon appear in this section. In the meantime, still check out the new suits, there is something to see and plenty to choose from.

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2015-12-28 11:47:25

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