The best GTA Online videos: June 2016

GTA Online the best videos
It's been awhile since our previous GTA Video selection. But here we are with the new selection of the best fan videos by GTA Online community. Meet five best video by GTA Online players.

Sit back and enjoy the super creative videos, part of which selected by Rockstar Games themselves! Without wasting time let's begin with our first video:

Tilt Shift by ehmaysi

Video creator ehmaysi, in collaboration with musician Spencer Whatever, put together this exquisite and brutal story, created using Rockstar Editor and masterfully executed title shift effect (a similar technique you could already see in the video called A World in Miniature). This video is just one of the GTA videos series created by ehmaysi as part of his current project, called 52 Weeks, 52 Videos.

GTA London 1969 Cover by SquidPhysics

Brilliant musician SquidPhysics are coming back again with his new creation: the cover of the GTA London 1969 official soundtrack. In this video, in addition to his own musical skill, he enlists the beautiful voice NiamHanlon.

I. K. A - GTA V Rockstar Editor by BloodLust180

All who liked previous BloodLust180's video, called M. I. A, should enjoy this one, which is a continuation of the Paint It Black series. Describing the consequences of Wolf's failed mission, in this episode Wolf from the very beginning will be declared K.I.A. Merriwether again doing its dark deeds, interrogator administers his dirty business and only Siren and her team are able to uncover the truth.

VICE CITY: Keep Your Friends Close - First Teaser by Majami Hiroz: Welcome to the '80s

Majami Hiroz presents his coolest creation called Keep Your Friends Close. This video uses stop motion techniques and Lego characters, to revive our memory of distant events of GTA Vice City by the sounds of authentic 80s music.

The Doe by -Chy-

Using scenic views and steep hills of Los Santos and Blaine County as a background for this fascinating video, Chy tells the story of the long journey of a young doe through dangerous land, in an effort to pay tribute to its fallen friend.

Share your opinions on the submitted videos in the comments below and don't forget to visit other pages of our website. We have, for example, an article about savegames for GTA 5, where you will find everything you need to know about savegames in our beloved game.

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