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Glitches for the new GTA Online patch by Igor Tonet
New patch 1.34 for GTA Online just became available, and this means that most of the old glitches are more than likely to stop working. But don't worry - Igor Tonet have already recorded two new videos with glitches for patch 1.34!

GTA Online on PS4, XB1 and PC: Contraband Easy delivery - Kicking Competitors out

The first video is an incredibly useful glitch that will allow you to deliver the contraband encountering absolutely no resistance from other players in the session. This glitch just kick them out of the session, which will allow you to quickly and easily deliver your cargo, and obtain a decent amount of experience and money, and to raise the prestige of your criminal Empire. In this case you will not need to make any particularly complex action - just follow the simple instructions in the video and enjoy.

GTA Online on PS4, XB1 and PC: Glitches on Clothes

The second video is another glitch on clothes. Such glitches have become a tradition for the Igor Tonet channel and they didn't become less popular. Who does not want to have a unique costume for a character in GTA Online? This glitch isn't difficult to preform, besides, in this video you will see not one, but two of the glitches for GTA Online. All glitches is working on 1.34 patch.

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2016-06-09 04:51:22

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