Bodygurad suit glitch for GTA Online

Bodyguard suit for the GTA Online
Like the Bodyguard suit issued by your Organization? We, together with our partner gaming channel Igor Tonet, have prepared for you a special video with the glitch that allows you to save this unique costume.

GTA Online on PS4, XB1 and PC: How to Keep the Bodyguard Suit
Organizations clothing since has been added to the game remains very rare and desirable for almost any player in GTA Online. This glitch by Igor Tonet will allow you to get bodyguard clothing permanently and flaunt it when you want. For this glitch you will need two person, so you'll have to ask your friend to help you. Together you can save any bodyguard suit, depending on Organization styles. This glitch is quite simple and will allow you and your friend to get another unique costume. Impress your crewmates and foes! Glitch is working steadily on the patch 1.34.

Check out Igor Tonet channel, there you will always be aware of the latest and most useful glitches for GTA Online and many other popular games as well. On our site you'll also find many useful and interesting articles. For example: article about the optimization of GTA 5 for low-end PC. With the help of this article you will be able to run your favorite game, even if your computer is no more than a pale of trash.

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2016-06-17 06:32:58

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