Aircraft carrier spawning in GTA Online

The carrier spawning in GTA Online
What could be better than a glitch for GTA Online? Of course a massive glitch for GTA Online! And what could be more massive than the spawn of a huge carrier in your online session? Meet the new super glitch from the channel Igor Tonet!

GTA Online on PS4, XB1 and PC: aircraft carrier in online session
The aircraft carrier is a large ship designed to transport and support combat aircrafts. The aircraft carrier in GTA Online is one of the arenas for the dynamic Power Play Adversary Mode. Accordingly, you can visit it only during a match in this mode (or during the Heist). At least it was before Igor Tonet added to his channel this video. But now everything has changed! With this glitch you can bring to your online session a huge aircraft carrier! Sounds tempting, isn't it? However, this glitch, unlike others on our website, is not so simple. So it is necessary to be patient and carefully listen to all instructions in the video and you will succeed! Glitch is working steadily on the patch 1.34.

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