GTA Online: New series about bikers

New GTA 5 series
If you like GTA 5 and jokes then you will love this series. Besides, it is made by two Russian guys. This article will talk about a new series called "Reckless MC", filmed in Grand Theft Auto with editor.

Here's the story of this series. A biker named Will with their friend Eugene has decided to create its own club, independent of dirty money. And, as author declares he has never been wrong. The first series begins with main character calls home to Eugene. Exchanged a few sharp phrases, Will says that a certain Johnny started to trade with vagos and that he does not like. So he wants to open a motorcycle club. But one gets feeling that Eugene missed all deaf ears that told Will as he was busy drinking. The biker puts an ultimatum: either they take money from Johnny or live rest of their days in poverty. What Eugene agrees and asks about plan. And the plan actually is to break deal and kill everyone.

After skirmish in GTA 5
After the skirmish they go to buyer of methamphetamine, don, Gon, and at same time tell him that there are new armory and this is dangerous for their business. To solve this problem Will requests a helicopter and a couple guys. Don says he can and itself will cope with this difficult task and will fly with them. In the story there is also an unexpected twist, that we won't tell. If you become interested, you can watch entire series.

Don Gon will fly with heroes
It's only first series, but let's hope that story will continue. From advantages of jokes and shootings are perfectly combined in this series, as well as great montage and great voice acting.

By the way you can help the project. But if you know English or you have a great idea and want to participate in new series, write to author.

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