Power Play - player's view

Power Play through the eyes of the GTA Online community
Brand new Power Play Adversary Mode appeared in the game just a couple days ago, but it has already catch the players' attention. On the vastes of YouTube there is already quite a lot of interesting videos of the new game mode filmed by the players. Here we have gathered for you the best of everything filmed by community members in GTA Online.

Müz and the REBL crew unleashed the power of the Beast in this stylish clip with dynamic gameplay of the Power Play. With beautiful song "Living in America" on the background, which you can hear the game on Radio Mirror Park, this video became even more thrilling. It was hard to find the best music for this two-minute stream of ultraviolence in GTA Online!

What's the point to resist the inevitable, when it's obvious that your time in this world is come to an end? Instead of cowardly run from the attacking Beast ic2archery decided to look the death in the eye and even to mock her a bit. What a courage!

Learning how to effectively use power-ups is the key to victory. The veracity of this thesis masterfully demonstrated by the guys from FxChannel Gaming.

All good things must end. KCs Notorious quickly learned this truism when his Bested power-up ran out in the middle of a super jump, sending his head forward to meet the concrete deck of an aircraft carrier.

Combining super jumps and incredible speed, the Beast can reach amazing efficiency in killing enemies. Popular gaming channel GTA Series Videos shows how to do it, gracefully dodging the rounds from the minigun before tear him apart.

Of course these videos are not all that it is possible to see and experience in the new Adversary Mode. Just play it, shoot your videos and share them in the comments below! And if you have not a powerful enough computer to record game videos, then maybe our article about [url="/gta-5/faq/27897-optimization-60-fps.html title="Optimization of GTA 5"]optimisation of GTA 5[/url] can help you?

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