The mission with boxes in GTA San Andreas

The mission of the truck in GTA SA
One of the most popular Google searches regarding GTA is probably «how to pick up boxes in gta sa» or «help, I can’t pick up boxes in gta sa» and so on. We are talking about one of the Ryder’s missions Robbing Uncle Sam where the player needs to break into the National Guard warehouse and steal crates with weapons and ammunition.

How to solve the problem.

In order to complete this mission, you need to follow these steps:
  • Get into a forklift and drive up to the crates that are scattered around the
  • Lower the forklift by holding NUM2 button;
  • Place the forks under the crate;
  • Lift it up by holding NUM8 button;
  • Load the crate into the truck on which you came;
  • Repeat.
This should help if you’re playing on Windows. If you have Linux, you might run into some problems as the game recognizes Linux keyboards differently.

Why is it difficult.

The forklift in GTA San Andreas
It’s the same as some of the other missions (for example, the Lowrider Challenge) where you need to control a vehicle via Numpad keys. You cannot change these controls, so you’ll just have to remember that in those missions certain functions only use Numpad keys.

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