How to improve the graphics in GTA Vice City

To improve the graphics in GTA VC

Grand Theft Auto is rather old game. Original version appeared in 2002, but on computers this game become available only in 2009. But for the past years classical version of the game hadn't changed. It is considered to be the most authentic, interesting and recognizable part. Picky gamers like old graphics and some people want Vice City to be better quality. For this special modifications had been thought.

Popular ENB series modification is available on other parts of the game (for example San Andreas), including VC. With the help of this modification you can change textures, models, depth effect, lightning, color correction, smoothing and many other things. Set options to your taste. Realistic graphics allows to improve the appearance of the game. It is important to note, that this modification will not make any harm to original files and to the code of the game.

The graphics in GTA Vice City
Other modification GTA Vice City HD is making the same effects, but also improves quality of the game to HD (720p). Also in the game you can see blur effect, improving of any other effects, realistic grass and other plants (moving with the help of 3D effect). Thorough settings also will not do any harm to the files.

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