How to pass mission with a helicopter in GTA VС

Mission with a helicopter in GTA Vice City

Such incredibly hard mission you will not find even in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas! A lot of gamers faced with problem of completing GTA Vice City at this stage. There are several methods, cheats are among them:
  1. There is one hard method to destroy the enemy with the help of the blades of a helicopter. To do it, point the helicopter to the enemies. The disadvantage of this method is that helicopter is very fragile and explodes when it touch the wall.
  2. Some gamers advice to kill security before completing the mission. But you will not be able to do it regularly because the building is often empty.
RC Helicopter in GTA Vice City
We warn you that you will need to complete it not once. Here you will read the most effective method of completing the mission.

First advice - press "save" before the mission. Then you should deal with managing of the helicopter. This step is the most important and when you will fly around the building it will be necessary to check it. There are four floors.  On each floor you should set bombs and not to pay attention on builders with hammer and weapon.
Remember, that you should not descend too low, so the workers couldn't catch you and you shouldn't get very high not to touch the ceiling. Do not distract on time - it is enough for you to complete the mission.

Walkthrough for GTA Vice City

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