How to find codes for GTA Vice City Stories PSP

GTA Vice City Stories for PSP

There was a time in the game industry when you could only find cheat codes in certain magazines or special books. Soon they appeared on the Internet, but nobody could find them. Nowadays you can easily find cheat codes for GTA Vice City Stories on PSP because everyone has access to search engines that work better than ever and give you right what you need.

Everything at once

GTA VC cheats for PSP
The list of available commands is very large and the player will have to push the buttons on his PSP in the right order. You’ll have to use arrow keys, triangle, circle etc. There are certain advantages to using these commands:

  • Access to locked content;
  • Weapons (Left, Right, X, Up, Down, Square, Left, Right), money, cars and so on;
  • Weather changing, explosions, aggressive pedestrians.
GTA Vice City codes
You can use cheat codes to radically change the gameplay and make it more interesting and fun. However, they’re only advised to use for entertainment purposes because if you use them in the missions, the story won’t be as interesting anymore. But that’s up to you to decide.

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