How to install GTA Vice City Deluxe Russian

Installation of Russian GTA VC Deluxe

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is still adored by many players for its story and unique atmosphere. Even though the game was released more than a decade ago, people still play in on their PCs and smartphones.

How to play Russian GTA Vice City Deluxe
Numerous mods have been created for the game over the years. While some prefer to play the «clean» version of the game, the others don’t mind replacing old vehicle models with new, modern ones to prolong the lifespan of a seemingly outdated gameplay. “Deluxe” remains of the most popular mods that improves the texture quality of different cars and locations. It gains more and more fans along with the “Cop Chaos” mod.

Russian version Deluxe GTA VC
Many are interested in how to install the russian version of GTA Vice City Deluxe. Russian localization usually comes with the installer, which will include both the voiceover and the subtitles. But even if you haven’t found such installer, you can download the localization separately from another website.

If you’ve had prior experience with installing games on your PC, this one should cause no problems.

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