How to pass the mission on the boat GTA VC

How to pass mission with a boat in GTA VC

Many players note that back in the day, storylines and atmospheres of the games were a lot more thought out than today. If you ask, “Which of the GTA games is the most interesting and atmospheric?”, most people will reply with Vice City. And unsurprisingly so: bright colors, awesome soundtracks and thrilling missions always attracted players to Vice City, which is why so many of them still play it to this day.

Walkthrough GTA Vice city
GTA Vice City Deluxe is the most popular mod for the game, but a lot of players can’t progress any further because of the one mission on the boat. In order to complete it, you need to change a few things in the game directory. Do the following:
  1. Open the GTA Vice City Deluxe folder
  2. Go to “data”
  3. Open “handling.cfg”
  4. Find the “SPEEDER” line in the file
  5. Change SPEEDER 2500 to SPEEDER 1000
Regardless of what numbers you had set before, you need to change them to 1000.0.

How to pass missions in GTA Vice City
But the easiest way to complete the boat mission in GTA Vice City is to download a save file with the mission already completed. That way you can skip the mission and enjoy the rest of the game.

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