Port VCS for PS3(PSN): release in Europe

Port VCS for PS3(PSN): release in Europe
GTA Vice City Stories for PS3(PSN) combines characteristic features of 3D Action and automobile simulator. In Europe the game was released in 2013, but the idea of the game world appeared much earlier.

In may 2006, the developers gave official confirmation of the work on the new GTA VCS. The output of the PS3 version took more than 7 years forward from this event. Nothing unusual in this fact not because the ports for the PSP and PS2 appeared in 2006-2007, and adaptation of the game and its improvement for PS3 it took time.

the Development of GTA VCS

To the output of the VCS to the PlayStation 3 (PSN) the players had had a very extensive view on future changes in the criminal world of GTA. Since August 2006 in mass publication started to provide information about the specifics of the gameplay, there was a brief surveys from thematic publications.

Since autumn 2006 the information base was expanded. In particular, appeared official website published the trailers of the game. Also got the first review of the VCS. It was published in the renowned journal “PS Magazine”.

the Release of Vice City Stories for PS3(PSN) in Europe

The official release of the PS3 version of GTA VCS in Europe was held on 3 April 2013. Commercial implementation of the game started well in advance, which initiated the formation of rapidly growing demand.

By 2013, more and more players preferred to modern consoles such as the PS3, which is reflected in the demand for port VCS. Moreover, the curiosity of fans of the genre have played a role. The fact that the hardware capabilities of the PS3 consoles is high enough that it is not bypassed the attention of the developers. In the end the overall game engine has been improved and adapted to fit the capabilities of the consoles that had a positive impact on the graphic and functional part of the game.

Port VCS for PS3(PSN): release in Europe

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