Release LCS for PS3(PSN) in America

Release LCS for PS3(PSN) in America
GTA Liberty City Stories organically combines the features of three-dimensional shooter with the integration of elements arcade car simulator. In North America ports of PS3 games, PSN only appeared 2 years ago. By this time, computer and network technology has already achieved a high enough level.

The demand for GTA LCS for PS3(PSN) was characterized by a fairly high rate. It was partly due to the success of the previous ports of games that began to appear in 2005. To date, continue authoring modifications of the gameplay, which indicates continuing demand for the game.

In LCS preserved the characteristic features of the previous games. The main character is now Tonny. He was given the job of Claude in the third GTA. The game has about 70 of the main missions. Along with them implemented additional tasks that allow you to earn money and reputation, and fun to spend time.

The main character still can't swim, taste culinary masterpieces. "Artificial intelligence" minor characters has not undergone serious changes. Turning to particular cases, it is worth mentioning that the classical scheme of harassment by law enforcement agencies were fully preserved.

Release LCS for PS3(PSN) in America Release LCS for PS3(PSN) in America Release LCS for PS3(PSN) in America

the output of the LCS for PS3(PSN) in North America

GTA LCS was the result of long work of employees of Rockstar North, Leeds. In the process of implementing the updated game world were the wishes of the gaming community and used computational capabilities of modern gaming consoles. It helped to diversify the overall scenario of the GTA series and to improve the graphical environment.

The game publisher in North America was primarily the company Rockstar Games. 2 April 2013 players got the opportunity to purchase long-awaited port of GTA LCS for PS3(PSN), which destroyed the idea of individual players about the final release date. On the Internet there were many assumptions about what the game will be April 1. The room was nothing more than speculation.

As predecessors, GTA LCS received the rating from "18" and above, depending on the distribution area. Official statistics on compliance with this requirement look problematic. However, without it, each user can draw conclusions based on their own experience.

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