The European release of GTA LCS for PS3(PSN)

European release GTA LCS for PS3(PSN)
In 2013, has been an important event for the European segment of the games industry started selling GTA Liberty City Stories. In this time there has been a port of the PlayStation 3 (PSN). Despite the fact that the ports for the PSP and PS2 were published in 2005 and 2006 respectively, the game was very popular.

GTA LCS was originally conceived as games for portable consoles the PlayStation series, but later appeared on other platforms. Currently, the PS3 port can run on normal computers using simulation gaming consoles. For a variety of gameplay users are actively using multiplayer games, as well as numerous official and author of the modifications that continue to appear until now.

release date GTA LCS for PS3(PSN) in Europe

Over time the gaps in dates continental releases has decreased significantly. The difference between the output port of the game in America and Europe amounted to only 1 day. European players have had the opportunity to buy GTA LCS already on 3 April 2013.

In the early days of the implementation of the game in Europe noted the lack of copies of discs with LCS in separate physical stores. The demand was very high. The reasons are many. Among the main are popular past games and competently conducted advertising campaign, which began long before the official release. With each new game series GTA need for promotion is greatly reduced, since high-quality game products have gained high popularity.

The popularity of LCS is largely due to the professional work of developers Roskstar Leeds, North. Along with traditionally high capacity scenario was implemented many innovations.


The graphical improvements can be noted increased the draw distance of the game world and improved mirror effects. Judging by the comments on gaming forums, the maximum screen resolution in the game left much to be desired.

Service in LCS almost identical features in GTA VC, except for small modifications. For the convenience of all the Arsenal players was divided into 10 types of weapons from "Amateur" guns to the army kit.

In Liberty City Stories was significantly augmented the car Park, including motorcycles. Increased the number of secondary missions, which allowed to significantly diversify the gameplay.

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