Releases GTA in America: VCS for PS3(PSN)

GTA Releases in America: VCS for PS3(PSN)
GTA Vice City Stories in North America became available for purchase in 2013. At this time appeared a port of the game for the platform PS3(PSN). Since the release of the PSP version it's been almost 8 years. During this time, the gaming community has had time to evaluate all the advantages of the gameplay and make objectively positive findings. Of course, the players had a pleasant surprise, because computing power ports for PS3 was significantly improved game engine.

the Developers and publishers GTA VCS for PS3

The development of the next "masterpiece" game industry worked in companies Rockstar Leeds, North. Upon completion of the development and approvals of the legal aspects to the game publisher in North America started the company Rockstar Games.

On the advertising posters and boxed editions GTA VCS, you can observe the particular age mark. Its presence indicates that according to research by age rating systems to game play may be admitted only adult citizens or persons in the age category of "18+", if 18 years of age is not considered a transition in the category of "adults" in the territory of a particular country.

release date VCS for PS3(PSN) in America

Official output port GTA VCS for PS3(PSN) in North America falls on April 2, 2013. Since that time, the game can be purchased in traditional retail outlets and online stores. The lack of physical copies distributions of the game do not had to worry only players who have already pre-order. They were able to get the game in the first place.

Due to the popularity of the series Grand Theft Auto online met a lot of conflicting information before the official release of the game. Most of this information at the current time has not survived. However, a detailed view of the various sources shows that some players wanted the game's release in March 2013. Now this information is only of historical interest.

GTA Releases in America: VCS for PS3(PSN)

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