European releases: GTA CW NDS

European releases: GTA CW NDS
Port GTA Chinatown Wars, adapted for consoles Nintendo DS (NDS), first appeared in Europe in 2009. The long wait of the release was justified, players had the opportunity to plunge into the world of animated graphics, typical for CW port.

The game received high marks among players and prestigious publications. However, the initial estimates of the level of sales went awry. Contrary to the expectations of the representatives of Rockstar Games, GTA CW is not reached total sales commensurate with the profit from the release of GTA VCS. For the first week, it sold about 94 thousand copies of CW against 6 million VCS.

GTA CW got close to the top assessment according to the research of official publications. The maximum score under this equals 10 points. Turning to particular cases, it should be noted that Eurogamer praised the game in 10 points and Game Informer - in a 9.25, Game Spot - 9.5. Most other publications have rated the game in the same range from 9 to 10 points.

the Release of GTA CW NDS in Australia

The official release of the game in Australia was held on March 20, 2009, 3 days later than in America. By this time, players who pre-order, was waiting for its execution, and the rest could go to the shops in search of novelties. Find them in fact was not always easy, as wanting to buy CW in the first couple of days was enough.

Players have adequately estimated the "extra" games for portable consoles. In particular, along with the single-player mode of the game was implemented multiplayer, and through the Social Club you can load individual statistics using Wi-Fi capabilities of the Nintendo DS.

multiplayer games

Through a local wireless connection, which is supported in NDS, players can join together to run one of the 6 modes of multiplayer games. Depending on the choices the players have to perform common tasks or conflict.

In GTA CW also has a special network modules. They allow players to exchange information, money, weapons and other useful items.

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