UnitedGP - Unique racing Manager

UnitedGP - Unique racing Manager
Surely each of us has at least ever heard of the sports Manager simulation, or maybe even played them. At the same time and is easy to learn, and a deep, rich on various tactical and strategic capabilities, these games occupy the niche in the hearts of many players. Personally the author of this article is not by hearsay knows what passions during online Championships various football managers, which recently divorced like mushrooms after the rain.

UnitedGP, their background, looks weird. Simulator team Manager of the Formula 1 - this really is not often seen. However, done more than the level. Light, nice looking, web page design, perfectly fitting into the surroundings of racing on a super tech and super-expensive cars. In the beginning, of course, the newcomer is slightly lost in the abundance of different settings, indicators and data, but intuitive interface, convenient location all modules and helpful bot helper help any player to adjust quickly and fully to stand at the head of a racing team!

Besides, the game is cross-platform, it is available in both “classic”, browser and on IOS. From how many managers you can pursue the case in the chassis, hot racing track, with the winner of the “Apple” tablet? It should also be said about the high stability of the game, which is also quite important. No lags, no matter what you play: with office Pentium or iPhone.

In UnitedGP there is a wide range of settings, tuning and other nuances, such as the choice of stiffness of the tires or time pit stop. You can even paint your car how you like it and personally put stickers. Another important advantage of the game can be called that server from game one, total. So players, from all over the world without hindrance to compete with each other.

Even a person who was never interested in motorsports, you can quickly get involved in this simple but beautifully made, really fun, but doesn't drain real money game. What can we say about the fans of Formula 1?

If you like Formula 1 or sports games, as well as line managers, you just can't ignore UnitedGP. Register, choose your car and pilot, and forward to victory!

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2015-05-06 08:09:36

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