3D world GTA 3 PC: release in America

3D world GTA 3 PC: release in America
the Release of GTA 3 for PC (Windows) in North America is dated to the beginning of the era of three-dimensional generation of gaming. The usual two-dimensional image began to gain quite a realistic form three-dimensional world, which caused an increased interest of the players.

Features three-dimensional world

For the treatment of fundamentally new graphic compositions began to use a new game engine RenderWare. Overall GTA 3 saved mechanics of its predecessors, which was moved on a 3D basis.

The idea of implementing 3D graphics was not new at the time. In 1998 a three-dimensional framework could be seen in the game Body Harvest, which was developed by DMA Design in for Nintento. The experience obtained during the development was partially transferred to the GTA.

For modern players 3D graphics in third GTA looks somewhat rough. Graphics character models and vehicles can be visually divided into several parts, which move about the Central axis.

Version games for PC supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels, unlike other console ports. Players get the opportunity to play the game from a third party and enjoy the benefits of several additional cameras.

3D world GTA 3 PC: release in America
At the time of the release of GTA 3 in North America computational power was quite limited. However, developers Rockstar North managed to optimize the consumption of resources, through the introduction of levels of detail.

Official release of GTA 3 PC in North America

The official release of the third GTA in North America was held on 20 may 2002. By this time some players have had time to study the main features of the game, as the port for the PS2 appeared in late 2001. However, a separate graphic innovations were implemented only in the port of the game for the PC.

The development of the GTA series of games has long watched the authoritative edition of the gaming industry. The emergence of third GTA not left without attention. When dozens of reviews where the game is usually evaluated on a 10-point scale. The highest score was exposed edition GameSpot and IGN — 9.6 points, the lowest in 8 balls — Edge.

The game is repeatedly subjected to harsh criticism because of the large number of realistic scenes of violence. According to research by the BBFC rating system, PEGI, OFLC, and some other third GTA has been the age limit from 15+ and above depending on the current in a particular area of the law.

Despite the comments of critics, GTA 3 has gained immense popularity and had major commercial success. Key reasons for this was not a linear script, three-dimensional game environment, the intersection with reality, good storyline, a lot of prospects and much more. The idea of the game world was a success and continues to evolve today in the continuation of the GTA series.

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