The release of GTA 3D in Europe and Australia

Release GTA 3D in Europe and Australia
In 2002, the gaming community of Australia and Europe got access to GTA 3 for the PC. The event was one of the most anticipated in connection a key feature of the game — the transition to a three-dimensional basis. In combination with the principles of free choice and heightened realism of the third Grand Theft Auto has become very successful both in terms of quality, and from the perspective of financial gain.

Release GTA 3D in Europe and Australia
The main game action takes place in a crime city Liberty City. The prototype for his design served as new York, that only brought a virtual environment to reality. To display events, there are two "chambers" - the third person and top view. Multiplayer mode was originally absent, which is somewhat upset individual players.

Among the obvious advantages, we can mention a fascinating story and quality study of sound. Recall that in previous games in the series have only highlighted a few spots that are present in the transition from level to level, and the rest of the speech of the characters were displayed as text on the screen.

Release in Australia and Europe

May 24, 2002 in Australia and Europe took place in the gaming community event — light appeared in GTA 3 for PC (Windows). As for the other output ports of the game in these countries, they began to appear 2001. The first game came out for PS2, then PC, for Xbox appeared in 2004. For mobile devices adapted and PS3 version of the game began to appear after 2010. The long work on the game demonstrates its relevance to users during the second decade.

Traditionally, the Grand Theft Auto series was the place to be criticism due to the abundance of violence. In General, the game received good reviews and was approved for implementation with the age limit from 15+ and higher, according to the laws and regulations of a particular country. Notable professional assessment of the game, which were exhibited in gaming publications IGN and GameSpot. After studying the game they put up 9.6 points out of a possible 10.

As for the profits from sales, GTA 3 for the PC had an impressive commercial success in Australia and Europe. The reason is simple — developers DMA Design managed to create a quality gaming product, from which were delighted a lot of players from different continents.

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