GTA 4 can never beat GTA San Andreas sales

GTA 4 failed to pass its main competitor in the series, Grand Theft Auto, eternal and green GTA San Andreas.
March 2011 and present GTA 4 sold circulation in 2 million copies. And only since 2008, i.e. from the moment of release, it sold 22 million copies of «the four». While San Andreas reached results in 27.5 million.
This was said at a press conference Take-Two by Strauss Zelnik, President of the company.
The total number of sales of Grand Theft Auto was 114 million copies since 1997, when it was released GTA 1.
For example, if you want to evaluate the volumes of the franchise, like GTA, can ask the price of the sales of the other game series from T2:

Midnight Club: 18.5 million
Red Dead Redemption: 12,5
Civilization: 11
BioShock: 9
Max Payne: 7,5
Mafia: 5
Borderlands: 4,5
The Darkness: 1 million

Strauss Zelnik said that currently the greatest contribution to sales make episodic downloadable content. «When we finish the main game, which takes time and is quite complex, development of the components of the DLC is much easier and quicker.

Besides, he added an interesting thing:
«When we launched the Red Dead Redemption in may 2010, did not even suspect the fantasies that will lead us to the zombie (DLC Undead Nightmare) under the Halloween».

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2011-11-01 15:12:53

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GTA 4 for Xbox and PS 3 came out 6 years ago gathered on the first day of sales over $ 300 million.

GTA IV San Andreas

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